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Hot to Get Guests for Your Podcast

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

How to find guests for a podcast

How to Attract Stellar Guests for Your Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide

Podcasting has taken the world by storm, with millions tuning in daily to hear insights, stories, and expertise from various niches. But for podcast hosts, one of the most challenging aspects can be securing compelling guests who can captivate an audience. If you're a podcaster looking to elevate your show with top-tier guests, you're in luck! Here's a comprehensive guide on how to attract the best guests for your podcast.

1. Start with Your Network

Your personal and professional connections can be a goldmine. Friends, colleagues, and acquaintances might either be great guests themselves or can introduce you to potential candidates. Starting with familiar faces can also help ease any initial interview jitters.

2. Leverage Previous Interviews

Guests you've already interviewed can be a bridge to other potential interviewees. They might have connections in the industry or know someone who'd be a perfect fit for your show.

3. Dive into Industry Events

Whether it's a seminar, conference, or workshop, industry events are teeming with experts. Networking at these events can open doors to potential guests who are looking for platforms to share their knowledge.

4. Scout for Upcoming Authors

Authors with upcoming book releases are often on the lookout for promotional opportunities. Platforms like Amazon can be a great place to discover authors in your niche who might be interested in a podcast appearance.

5. Explore iTunes and Other Podcast Platforms

By searching for podcasts related to your niche, you can identify active voices in the community. These individuals, already familiar with the podcasting format, might be open to guesting on your show.

6. Engage Your Audience

Your listeners are a valuable resource. Solicit guest suggestions from them; they might introduce you to experts or personalities you hadn't considered.

7. Broaden Your Search with Niche Websites

If your podcast revolves around a specific topic, delve into websites, blogs, or forums dedicated to that subject. These platforms can be treasure troves of experts and enthusiasts.

8. Crowdsource Guest Recommendations

Involve your audience in the guest-finding process. By asking for their recommendations, you not only find potential guests but also strengthen your bond with your listeners.

9. Tap into Online Communities

Online platforms like Facebook Groups, subreddits, and Discord channels are buzzing with potential guests. Engaging in these communities can lead you to individuals passionate about your podcast's subject matter.

10. Utilize Podcast Guest Platforms

There are dedicated platforms like, Podmatch, Perfect Podcast Guest, and MatchMaker designed to connect podcasters with potential guests. These platforms can streamline the guest-finding process.

How to Get Guests for Your Podcast Conclusion

Securing top-tier guests for your podcast requires a mix of networking, research, and engagement. By being proactive and genuine in your approach, you can attract guests who will not only elevate your content but also resonate with your audience. Happy podcasting!

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